Sit back and hit cruise control whilst we maintain and super charge your website

Are you an online business owner?

So are we!

Don't have enough time in the day to work on your website?

So did we!

Spending too much money updating, fixing your website?

Yep, we had the same problem!

The journey of a Solopreneur, SMB, or Start-up is hard enough, juggling time, resources and money in order to survive and grow. We know, as we have trodden down the same path.....

We provide a valet type service by looking after your website, fixing bugs, improving it, in essence making you more money online. Along the process we will act as your web consultants where you can bounce ideas off us, and we can advise you of the best online marketing strategies for your website.

Our content is that good it has been featured on websites like,,, etc.

Our Story

The concept of Technorian was developed through the insurmountable problems we suffered when it came to starting and growing our own ecommerce company ( In the early stages of developing an ecommerce company, money is in short supply as you are well aware of. As a result, we looked to cut costs wherever we could.

We tried using oDesk, an offshore development company but work was never done on time, the quality of work done was very low and communication was always an issue.

We were not to be put off though and eventually we realised the only option left for us was to open our own office abroad where we could employ a full time developer, which we needed in order to get the very best results. This proved to be a great success, not only did we save a lot of time and money, but we were also able to accelerate the work on our website. As a result of these changes and taking full control, the website has grown from strength to strength.

It quickly became apparent that other people were experiencing the same problems, they lacked the technical expertise to really drive their business forward. Hence, Technorian was launched.

What next?

Let us show you how we can improve your website, Free of Charge!

Email us your website URL at and we will produce a customised report showing you the areas that need improving on your website. Don't worry we won't ask for your credit card details afterwards, this is completely free! What have you got to loose??