Sellics Amazon Management Tool

Amazon sellers and vendors have versatile sales analytics and e-commerce software at their disposal. With this software, they can improve their profits significantly. Sellics is one of the most effective programs on which an Amazon business can rely. Let’s see why.

What Does Sellics Do?

Sellics is a German-based commercial analytics company that acts as a solution provider for Amazon sellers, vendors, agencies, and advertisers.

The software covers every behind-the-scenes aspect of SEO and sales, from reporting, analytics, tracking margins, and managing PPC campaigns. All your Amazon business needs, including SEO keyword rankings for your product descriptions and ads, are taken care of.

Sellics uses minimum Amazon MWS, or Marketplace Web Service API, and features a high level of data protection. An excellent UX and interface powers the Amazon analytics software, making it the number one, one-stop platform for anyone selling or advertising on the Amazon Marketplace.

In its entirety, the Sellics software positively pulls software from Amazon with accurate metrics that are then translated into easy to digest reports. Sellics prioritizes design to commendably improve your user experience with specialized data tools and functions.

What is the Difference Between the 4 Sellics Editions?

Sellics is offered in four different packages: Seller, Vendor, Agency, and Advertising. These versions feature various features and pricing plans.

Seller Edition

When you are a Seller, you are selling your product directly to clients. In this case, you would hold a Seller Central account and be using the Sellics Seller Edition software. The features in this software package are geared towards managing and improving direct-to-consumer Amazon sales.

  • Product analytics and research
  • Keyword analytics and research
  • Inventory management
  • Advertisement and PPC analytics
  • Competition research tool

With the Seller Edition, you can track your income in real-time, optimize your SEO keywords, automate pay-per-click campaigns, and be altered on low inventory, and new reviews.

There are three different payment options available from which you can choose: 

  • Monthly: $67
  • Biannual Plan: starting at $57/month
  • Annual Plan: starting at $47/month

You can also opt for a 14-day free trial.

Vendor Edition

When you sell as a Vendor, you are selling wholesale to Amazon and hold a Vendor Central account. The best software option for you is the Sellics Vendor Edition. With a different set of priorities as a vendor, comes a different set of features to manage your marketing needs.

As an all-in-one tool, the Vendor Edition covers three major tools: 

  • eCommerce Executive: Get a full overview of your business and manage feedback workflow, automate and optimize marketing strategies, and deliver spectacular customer service.
  • Marketing Manager: This is all about seeing where you rank among your competitors. Follow SEO and other workflow suggestions to improve your standing.
  • Sales/Key Account Manager: Compare your sales reports with automated analytics. Track sales performance and even see where competitors are sneaking in and taking sales away from your business.

There are two options for the Vendor Edition:

  • Amazon SEO & Content Modules: $269/month
  • Amazon Advertising Module: $599/month

If unsure about the specs of any of the packages or don’t know which one to purchase, Sellics invites you to inquire.

Agency Edition

If you have clients who sell on Sellics, this is the software option you’ll want to download. Sellics Agency users receive free access to Amazon’s Agency database. Pricing for the Agency Edition depends on the features you would like to use, including Amazon PPC, Content & SEO, and Customer Feedback modules. This is a custom-built software plan.


Sellics Advertising is considered a separate entity from the Seller, Vendor, and Agency Editions available. It is concerned with starting and managing pay-per-click ad campaigns and increasing sales revenue through promotion. It also helps manage ad spending, so your advertisement to sales ratio balances out in your books.

A free trial and review of your current PPC campaign are available. However, you do have three different options for plans:

  • Starter: $89/month
  • Growth: $179/month
  • Premium: $749/month

What Can You Do With Sellics?

Just reviewing the four different packages Sellics offers isn’t enough to explain exactly what this powerful tool can do.


With the Sellics free keyword research tool, Sonar, you can see keyword lists accompanied by most frequently used phrases and their related products. Using the free version of Sellics for Sellers, you can gain insights into the keyword requirements of your listings. Full access to the feature is granted when you join Sellics as an Amazon seller.

Niche Analyzer

With the niche analyzer for the Seller Edition, you can access information about your selected product niche. The sales volume and competition of a targeted product category can be scrutinized with the niche analyzer tool. It also offers you an overview of any selected product niche on Amazon. This enables you to see the potential for high rankings in that niche, comparing different related keyword levels. Sellics’s niche analyzer can also perform a predictive sales volume report when your products are garnering higher rankings.


The Sellics dashboard is your profit calculator, which displays your Amazon margins after the deduction of all costs. Deductions can include Amazon fees or chargebacks, including PPC costs, FBA, and individual seller’s fees if you are in these programs. Sellics dashboard updates every five minutes, providing real-time performance overviews of discounts, newly launched products, and ad campaigns.

Spy Modules

Selling on or to Amazon as a seller, vendor, or agency is a tricky operation, not to mention that you are competing against equally ambitious entrepreneurs. Sellics has the tools for gaining the advantage in this competitive marketplace with spy modules in its Seller Edition.

You can inspect your competitor’s prices, identify top performers, and track category sales volumes with the Sellics monitoring tool. A listing hi-jack alert can provide you with instant notifications when your listing is being hi-jacked.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be a complex undertaking, especially if you are selling more than one product on Amazon. Multiple daily sales line the road to seller success, and many sellers work hard to stay on top of their Amazon inventory. Sellics Seller Edition minimizes lost sales by integrating inventory and item stock information on your dashboard. This allows you to calculate refills and re-orders of your products. Alerts can be set up to notify you when you need to re-order and replenish your Amazon inventory.

Sellics uses actual inventory, sales velocity, and production time to give you stellar stock calculations. When your Amazon business is with FBA, the inventory management tool from Sellics is especially vital. This calculates shipping time with fulfillment center designated couriers and handling times for your items in the Amazon warehouse.

How Sellics Has Helped My Amazon Business

Most Amazon entrepreneurs use Sellics for their independently-sourced analytics and reports. While most Amazon tools offer conclusive services for product categories or sellers only, Sellics does it for vendors, agents, and advertisers, as well.

The proof is in the proverbial pudding. Sellics works for Amazon businesses. The analytic tools of Sellics support list optimization, product and profits tracking, keyword ranking, and inventory organization — the positive results are apparent.

Sellics testimonials by high-name clients show just how well the Amazon tool works for businesses. Electronic company Mr. Tronic increased conversion rates by 185% using Sellics Advertising. Rise Interactive writes that they now know the reasons “why” performance shifts and how to handle these shifts effectively.

Sellics is used by Brita, Bosch, and a whole host of other brandname companies because they know that Sellics is the way to go.

The Power of PPC Automation

With the Sellics Pay Per Click or PPC management tool, you can track, analyze, and optimize your Amazon ad performance. Click-through rates, impressions, CPC, and revenue costs are just some of the analytic data provided by Sellics.

The tool identifies underperforming keywords as well, allowing you to optimize every aspect of your ad campaign, down to the language you use. As a seller or agency, you can integrate your Amazon Product Advertising API with the PPC manager tool to automate ad keywords. 

How Much Does Sellics Cost?

Sellics offers a free 14 day trial period on all of its editions, which lets you explore the software to see whether you want to use it. If you are just starting out with Sellics and Amazon, then the aforementioned package prices apply. Otherwise, once data from your Amazon account is calculated, Sellics offers you a subscription plan based on your estimated annual revenue.

If you pay your plan upfront for a year, Sellics won’t adjust your rates until the next year, since you’ll have upgraded your tier.

For sellers on Amazon, Sellics offers tiers based on your revenue:

  • 0 to $1,000: The beginner tier for Amazon sellers lets them use Sellics to drive their revenues upward of $1,000. Sellers who join Sellics will desperately want to pay more for an upgraded tier due to the software’s essential features.
  • $1,000 to $60,000: Intermediate sellers belong in this tier, and revenues should be tens of thousands of dollars a year. If you have already mastered Sellics and know what you are dong, you’ll be dreaming about the next tier.
  • $60,000 to $240,000: This is where sellers can quit their day job, meaning revenues are in the $20K range per month.

Other tiers for hardcore pro-Amazon sellers include the $240K to $600K, to $1.2M and $1.2M+.

As your revenue on Amazon grows, Sellics provides you with more data analytics and features. The pricing also increases, and by the $60K to $240K tier, you’re paying $77/month for the annual and bi-annual subscriptions.

High volume sellers on Amazon pay Sellics monthly fee of $157 in the $240 to $1.2M range. This price runs slightly lower for the annual and bi-annual plans, which cost $177 and $137/ month.

At revenues of $1.2 million a year, your Amazon business probably has its management team and company in place. But Sellics can run your storefront for $127/month for a monthly subscription. A bi-annual and annual plan for this tier costs $187 and $157/month.

Past the $1.2 million revenue tier, Sellics offers super-high volume sellers a monthly plan that costs $317/. The annual and bi-annual plans for this sky-high performer level costs $257 and $287 respectively per month.

If you make it to that revenue level, good for you and your business. Hold on to Sellics — it is a small monetary investment for continued monetary success.

Pros of Using Sellics for Your Amazon Business

And now we have reached the pros section. It’s hard to believe there are more pros for Sellics, but there certainly are!

  • Realtime tracking and measuring of profits as Sellics automatically deducts Amazon fees, updating data every 5 minutes.
  • Supports nine Amazon marketplaces, including the US, Spain, UK, India, Germany, Italy, Mexico, France, and Canada.
  • Sellics Amazon PPC manager optimizes PPC revenue and tracks campaign performance, automating bidding solutions, and decreasing work hours.
  • 14 day trial without financial details, such as credit card information.
  • Keyword improvement and tracking help improve benchmarked and relevant SEO rankings against competitors.
  • Plan-based pricing that varies according to your sales volume performance.
  • Instant notifications with the review manager, assisting in prioritizing replies, and reacting to consumer views and comments.
  • Email and live chat support that’s available and reliably fast.

Cons of Using Sellics to Improve Amazon Revenues

Of course, with pros, come cons.

  • There is no Return on Investment (ROI) calculations on Sellics.
  • You can only have one Sellics integrating with one seller account.
  • Even the free trial or testing of Sellics must be done with integration to the Amazon seller account.

Final Verdict

Sellics software may only be six-years-old, but with German precision, it targets Amazon businesses and yields major results. You may think that Sellics’ pricing is too steep, but that’s only until you’ve seen its effects on your Amazon revenue. Don’t trust us? Try it for yourself. A free Sellics trial gives you two weeks to feel your way around and put their extensive toolkit into action.

When you are starting out in the cutthroat Amazon marketplace, try turning to Sellics.

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